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Creative Sewing and other endevours [entries|friends|calendar]
Creative Sewing

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Scrappy - new craft zine with DIY sewing projects! [30 Aug 2006|01:29pm]

this is my new craft zine! I thought it would particularly of interest to this community, since this this first issue is called "Stitches"  is focused on DIY sewing, with ideas, 18 projects, useful info, and is created to be accessible to all levels including beginners. 

It's all hand-drawn and handwritten by me, handbound in yarn with a pamphlet stitch. Scrappy is $4 including shipping. International folks, distros, reviewers, people ordering through the mail, and anyone with a crafty zine you want reviewed in a future Scrappy,  send me an e-mail

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Craft related but I did ramble a little bit be forwarned. [16 Mar 2006|11:21pm]
To make this post craft related a bit more, does any one know where you can get good thick needles that will go through the size 7 hole in canvas AND still be able to thread? I got tons at walmart but their chicken shit chintzy please excuse that curse word. in like 5 minutes of using them the eye breaks and you can't keep your thread in your needle, and that consequently frays your yarn

We go on vacation soon,

I have to pack my yarn for my canvas crafts and get suitable needles to stitch with, and I have to pack embroidery floss for my hand sewing I'm doing and the bibs to do it on the only thing is, like it takes like 30 mins to do 1 bib, and that's no problem but lets say you have oh I don't know 50 bibs to sew get them ALL sewn the first day, and then you have to haul them done and just wasting space the rest of the trip.

In your guys's opnion like what should I do? Like I think the op to sit there undescracted by pc and other at home things would be awsome, but what then. I'd have to haul them the rest of the trip which is a week or ship them home.
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[21 Feb 2006|11:12pm]
I'm creating a store on wod auctions, and You can have a store logo, and a banner, and one of my idea's for a store picture was of me holding something handmade with the store name on it. I was thinking like a yard of flannel or fleece with lettering sewn on. What do you all think
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[14 Feb 2006|07:49pm]
I had the idea to sew wash clothes together like you would a quilt
and I wondered what you could make from sewn together wash cloths. I
also want to get cute reciving blankies and piece them together but
three blankets at walmart are 10 bucks:(
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cute t shirts to make into a quilt. [14 Feb 2006|04:48pm]
Squeals happily, I found some gorgious shirts at wal*mart I want to cut into quilt pannels!

My only concern with two of the shirts is the glitter on it will wash all or flake off when handled, maybe though there's a sealer or something I could put on them:D Maybe also I can scan them and manipulate them and make an iron on out of the icon, there was tons other shirts I wanted but I wasn't willing to pay 8 9 10 or 12 dollars for a shirt.






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Welcome! [16 Jan 2006|02:14am]

Welcome to Creative Sewing! Sew your heart out, ask questions, show off creations, give out cool creative sewing links :)
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